Spring is here?

Is is February on the calendar but the weather has been very springlike!

Our next Spin/Knit/Crochet In will be Saturday February 18th from 10-3 in the Red Barn Studio at  Heelside Farms. 20170209_071000

Our first Lamb for this year was born last night. His mother, Blue, is a first time mom and is doing a wonderful job. Her ram lamb was born during the night (stormy of course). She put him in a corner hayrack which goes to the floor. He was safe and warm in the hay there and out of the wind. She was standing guard when I came down at 6 to do a lamb check.  They were moved very carefully to a lambing stall for safety. Mother is resting and the lamb is asleep. He is already named Chad!  His father is a Cormo ram named Georgio.  Cormos have very fine wool and calm temperaments.

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