Dreaming Fiber Dreams!

Our new Rovings are on the way. How exciting! We will be revealing the newest spinning excitement soon.  Luscious colors or all natural, they are all from our super sweet sheep. We look forward to sharing them with you soon.  To quote a well-read fiber person I know, ” Finishing spinning a wonderful roving into yarn is like finishing a great book. When you are done you wished there were more.”

Fiber daydreams are different for each of us. To some it is the color that draws us in, for others the texture, yet others the softness of the fiber and for all the dream of the next spinning or knitting project continues to hold sway over us.  Join us for our next Spin/Knit/Crochet In on August 19th from 10-3 to share your dreams and soak up the fibersphere! See you then.

The top picture is of our beautiful 100% wool roving  Nebula. The shawl shown in the other picture was handspun from that roving and then woven on a triangular loom.  A true treasure. Sue dreamed of the shawl from that roving and made it happen.


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