May Spin In

May is always a busy month on the farm. We will begin weaning lambs soon.  Checking hives for honey will be on the agenda this month, as well.  You will not know until you open the hives if there is honey for this year.  Our  garden will be in full swing soon. Asparagus is always the first product we enjoy from the garden.  Cooking it with butter and lemon offers a fresh taste but there are plenty of recipes online if you would like more embellishment.   You do not have to have a large garden to enjoy fresh produce at your home. Flower beds, containers and even window boxes are able to provide you with a variety of fresh vegetables.  Shopping at your local farmer’s markets will allow you to meet the farmers who work so hard to produce your vegetables and fruits.

Our May Spin/Knit/Crochet In will be held May 19th from 10-3 in the Red Barn Studio at Heelside Farms. Looking forward to seeing everyone for a relaxing fiberlicious day. Love those sheep!

New fiber visions are on the horizon for Heelside Farms.  Stay tuned for updates in the fiber world.  Our sheep are growing luscious wool even as we speak. They provide a renewable resource of all natural wool for our fiber dreams.  Yum, yum, Fiber Fun!


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