Summer is here……

Summer is here, at least based on the heat and humidity.We already have fans up to keep the air moving for the sheep.  With all of the rain the grass is still growing providing great food for the sheep.  Our lambs are growing beautifully. Their wool is so soft and luscious. Here is a picture of one of the Cormo lambs. I will put up a picture of the Finns later. We have a great grouping of lambs both registered and not registered for sale. Ram lambs and Ewe lambs are growing by leaps and bounds.

Our May Spin In fiberistas had some lovely projects in progress and finished.   Alex is pictured with a beautiful blanket she is knitting. It is a kit from Knitpicks with wonderful colors and a knitting challenge. Kim brought two shawls she finished from the same diagonal shawl pattern. The darker shawl is from commercial yarn and the lighter shawl is hand carded, hand spun and hand knit from Cormo wool and her angora rabbit fiber. Her first completely hand done project. It warms your heart to see all of the fiber fabulous projects people are working on at our Spin Ins.  Congrats to these two.

The next Knit/Spin/Crochet In at the Red Barn Studio here on our Heelside Farms will be June 16th from 10-3. Mark your calendars. 20180519_12150020180519_12135920180519_12132320180502_090702

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