Wow! August is Here…….

Not sure where July went but we are always happy to see August. The farm is a busy place right now with a long and varied list of jobs every day.  We have been building pens for our growing flocks of guineas and chickens.  The guineas will soon be turned loose on the insect population which is large this year due to the rain.

It is almost time to bale hay again. Ahhhh the smell of freshly mowed hay. Some of the best times in the summer are baling hay. Plenty of work but the results are worth it.

The lambs are growing well. The ewes are resting before the breeding season begins. The rams are just hanging out. We sheared some of the sheep. The rest will be sheared later when their wool is long enough.  Wool is a renewable resource with the sheep producing it continually. Some get their haircuts once a year while others have their haircuts twice a year.

The grapes are ready for harvesting. Not sure if they will be jelly, wine, or juice this year.

Fall is just around the corner with many exciting events on the agenda.  We look forward to seeing everyone at both the Rising Meadow Farm day in Liberty, N.C. and the Southeastern  Animal Fiber Festival in Asheville, N.C..

Our next Knit/Spin/Crochet In will be held on Saturday August 18th from 10-3 at the Red Barn Studio here on the farm. What projects have you begun recently or are you working on a long term project? We love to see what everyone is creating.  Join us for a fibery fun day. See you soon.

Our pics here are varied:

We had many groups come to the farm for tours this summer.

We also enjoyed seeing friends learn to spin for the first time.

Truly an enjoyable summer!20180715_13363420180710_18162020180707_155703 (1)CAM00177 (1)


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