Is It Fall Yet?

We are still enjoying(?) summer weather here at the farm. Very hot and muggy. Oh and now someone is sending a hurricane our way! Well that is North Carolina. Some years we think X marks the spot on us for wild weather.  We hope you get prepared and stay safe during all of this. We are battening down the hatches on the farm.

Our Spin/Knit/Crochet In for this Saturday the 15th is iffy. We will post on FB about conditions. We are not sure how long hurricane Florence will be around.  We will be here.

We are getting ready for Rising Meadow Farm event in Liberty on Sunday September 30th in Liberty, N.C.. It is a fun day with many types of vendors. You can read more about the event at We will be premiering New Fiber Creations there!

We baled our hay last week. It is always an exciting and work filled time. Covering the hay now in preparation for the storm. Other farm happenings are the garden produce, finally producing again for Fall, dyeing wool for the Fiber mills to process for us, keeping up with all of the fowl we have at the moment.  We are raising a new generation of laying hens right now, Speckled Sussex, Partridge rocks and few odd little ones.   We also have a great group of little guineas this year.  It is an exciting and work filled time right now.

Stay safe.

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