November Fun

Our Knit/Spin/Crochet In will be held on November 17th from 10-3 in the Red Barn Studio on our farm. We welcome you to join the creative fun. Bring a project or purchase a new one.  Show off your projects. It is okay to toot your own horn!

We had a great time at SAFF and enjoyed meeting everyone. Thanks for letting us know how you heard about us. Hear are a few pics of our booth .  The Chipolte Cormo Top pictured in the last post was a hit!

Thanks to Patti for knitting the Aphelion Cowl for us. Our kits did very well. The cowl and shawl kits are a new addition to our line.

We found a new calf had been born when we arrived home. Here is a pic of the little heifer ( a girl) with her mother and her aunt.  20181101_17313920181026_09513820181026_104952

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