A swarm in May is worth a load of hay

The beekeeper has been capturing swarms of bees and putting them in new hives. Soon it will be time to rob the hives of their honey for this year. So much is happening on the farm in the spring. It seems as if the farmer runs from one job to another all of the time.

Our lambs are weaned and their mothers are getting a well earned rest. We have a lovely crop of lambs and calves this year.  It is a joy to watch them. A reminder of God’s goodness.

We had our Knit/ Spin/ Crochet In on the 18th of May. It was a relaxing and revitalizing day. Thanks to all of those who came. We had spinners, knitters, and fiber processors busy at their creations.

The  June  Knit/Spin/Crochet In will be from 10-3 on June 15th at the Red Barn Studio on our farm. Looking forward to seeing your projects.


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