Summer Love

Love to Spin?  Are you part of Tour de Fleece, a spinning event that is happening now as the Tour de France cycling event is taking place. Spinning every day that the cycling event is happening. It is a wonderful way to bring your spinning up to speed.  Haha.

Heelside Farms July Spin/Knit/Crochet In is scheduled for July 20th from 10-3 in the Red Barn Studio here on our farm. We will have a ” Christmas in July ” sale of our products to celebrate  the middle of the summer. Are you ready to get started on projects for cooler weather? What is your cool weather fiber plan? A new sweater? Warm gloves, mitts, cowls, scarves, hats, socks, slippers………for you, gifts, non profit donations?  Some of our fiber lists carry us far into the future. Dreaming is okay too. We hope our fiber products are in your dreams. Our wool is from our beautiful sheep. It is a renewable resource. They are growing it even as we go about our daily routine.

We are washing our fleeces now to have everything ready for processing at the fiber mills. It is labor intensive but satisfying as you are able to see that your sheep are healthy. Great fleeces come from healthy sheep.

Our lambs are so beautiful.  Is a spinning flock in your dreams? Our Finn sheep, Cormo crosses, and Icelandic sheep are available for your flock dream. Having sheep is a rewarding and satisfying hobby.

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