Awesome August!

Wow…August is here, lambs are growing, ladies are rested and ready for the Fall. We are enjoying the beautiful weather and keeping everyone happy.  Our sheep and cows are getting fat on their lovely pasture. The fowl are everywhere eating bugs!

We will host our Spin/Knit/Crochet In on August 17th from 10-3 at the Red Barn Studio. The fiber fanatics will be here sharing their many ideas and love of fiber. We hope you can join us. Get your fiber on..and creative juices going!

We have been washing our sheep fleeces getting them clean to go to the mill for processing. Our sheep provided lovely fleeces this year in many colors. It will be fun to see what the mills can do for us. Roving and yarn are on the agenda, soft and warm for those cool days and night

The bees are happy and buzzing with their new supers full of wax to fill with honey. A super is an upper level apartment added to the hive which has wax for the bees to fill. Most counties have Bee clubs so if you are interested in learning about beekeeping call your local extension agent for information. 20190720_162538

Enjoy the rest of the summer. It is on the wane now.

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