Autumn on the Farm… North Carolina style

The Farm is a busy place right now. Preparing for a hurricane helps us prepare for the winter weather as well. For those wondering about our work lists…. Getting in supplies for the winter months is a priority. We have our own hay field now so we have some hay of our own, but we still purchase hay to have plenty for the animals. The farmer has been working on the beehives to have them ready for winter as well. We do not use chemicals for parasite issues with the bees. The farmer makes his own, all natural, repellent and sprinkles it in the hives. He has also added supers ( another level of wax for the bees to fill). The equipment is being winterized. Just because we are in the South does not mean we can neglect that .

We began shearing the lambs to get them clean and tidy for the winter. They get a pedicure and checked for any other issues we might have missed. Lambs are very sweet. Love my babies.

The apple trees have been picked. There were not enough for cider this year but plenty for apple butter and eating. We plant trees just about every year. We planted four horse apple trees. It is an old variety which does well in North Carolina. Trying to get everything picked before the wind blows them off.

The Fall garden has been planted. It will provide blooms to help keep the bees at home and out of other people’s chemicals.  The produce it supplies is so fresh and continues until frost. We have cane this year and are hoping to make sorghum syrup. That is usually a late Fall event.

Two hens have hatched chicks in the last week. We like to raise our own laying hens. We did purchase a few chicks from Tractor Supply as well. It will be many months until they are laying, but fun to watch them grow up.  We have Speckled Sussex and Partridge Rock hens now. They are very calm and good mothers.  The Speckled Sussex are a heritage breed and so lay a smaller egg. We like them anyway.

Speckled Sussex hen and chicks

Speckled Sussex hen and chicks

Our next Knit/Spin/Crochet In at the Red Barn Studio will be held on our farm 20190216_135349September 21st from 10-3. We welcome you to join the fiber fun. Although we are wool lovers, all fibers and fiberistas are welcome. Hope to see you then!20160220_170219

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