September on the Farm

Our next Spin/Knit/Crochet In will be held at the Red Barn Studio on our farm this Saturday, September 19th from 10-3. Please join us and show off your projects. There is always something going on. In July I finished knitting a sweater which was originally a pullover knitted from the top down. It ended up too big.  At the July Knit/Spin/Crochet In I brought it out for suggestions. I had thought to just put it on a mannequin for display but one of the ladies suggested steeking it to make it a cardigan by removing some of the bulk. So we had a ” Steeking on the Fly” class and I learned how to remodel a sweater. It turned out lovely with just the buttons to add now.

Cleaning is often a term we associate with the Fall season.  Indeed we are doing a Fall cleaning this year in the house.  We are going through many memory filled bags and boxes from the attic. We are sending a great deal of it to the Salvation Army in town.  It is a time for reflection about the reasons we keep items. I used to sew our clothes and many of those outgrown items are in the bags. We will pass them on to someone else who can use them.

It is also a time to evaluate how we work with our sheep on the farm. As we get ready for

Sorcha"s Fleece

breeding season we look to pair the right ewes with the right ram. We, of course, keep a breeding book for all of the details of breeding groups and lambing. It it holds a wealth of information for each generation of sheep.

The hay is ready for cutting. If the rain holds off so everything is dry it will be baled soon. Our bees should have one more gift of honey for us. There is so much going on. The chicks are growing rapidly and soon will be ready for the big girls pen. Washing fleeces for processing is on the agenda as well.

During the rainstorm Monday a week ago when we were gifted with 11.5 ” of rain, our roof leaked. Just like in the movies we had pans catching the rainwater as it came into the house. Our roof has been given a great deal of attention in the last two weeks to make it waterproof. We are not alone in our water issues. The stories have come in from all over the neighborhood. When I asked one neighbor about their experience he said if his brother had not come in late and told them what was happening much of their outside furniture and many animals would have floated away. He said they went into action and saved all of the animals and most of the furniture. Sitting inside we were all aware of the rain, but not aware of the tremendous amount. We are thankful it was not worse.

Whenever you would like to come shop at the Studio Let us know through our email or Facebook. See you soon.

Carolina FiberFest will be holding a virtual fiber event October 31 and November 1st. Look for details by the end of September on the NEW Carolina FiberFest website. It is beautiful and well organized. New information is being posted each week.

It is almost pumpkin time.  How are you decorating with this year? After all of this covid mess decorating will be a joy. Love and peace to all of you.

Cleopatra Roving .. Cormo Finn cross

Cleopatra Roving .. Cormo Finn cross


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