Happy Halloween CFF Virtual Pop Up FiberFest

Happy Halloween!

Today is your chance to support Fiber vendors from Carolina FiberFest. It all begins on CFF FaceBook live at 8:30 this morning and continues all day. Heelside Farms will be live from 9:30 until 10:00 on the event and then again live on our FB page from 10:30 until 12:30 . Our studio has had a makeover for the event. Hooray. We will be unveiling the new look at 9:30 today. Join us to shop for the most beautiful yarn, roving, batts, socks( yes, socks), blankets, needles, silk roving, shawl pins and other fiber doodads ’til your hearts’ content.  All wool is from our sheep. We do all of our own dyeing. We have a variety of sheep breeds to offer the best fiber experience : Icelandic, Cormo, Finnsheep, CVM, and of course we still have Border Leicester Fiber.

Join the fun! See you on CFF FaceBook group and Heelside Farms FaceBook page. Proud to be part of it all today. 20201019_08005720201019_080109

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