We’re Having a Heat Wave !


Wow ! What a heat wave.  We are now getting rain which should cool us more.  The sheep have tolerated the heat better than we thought. They look for shade.  Trees are wonderful! We keep fans going under the shelters during the worst of the heat and let the sheep find their own place to be comfortable.

Our July Spin/knit/crochet/anything IN is coming up on the 21st from 10-4. Come and join us for the fun. Bring a snack to share. Drinks will be available. Hope to see you there.

We are just finishing washing fleeces from the spring shearing.  They are beautiful and just waiting for the spinners and felters of the area.

Fiber people ! Have any of you read ” The Mummies of Urumchi” by Elizabeth Barber? It is fascinating fiber history about a group of people living on the western edge of China and their burials. The fiber history is exciting. These people had beautiful textiles and felted fiber clothing 4000 years ago. If you get a chance the book is available now.

If you cannot make it out here, get to your local fiber shop. Now is the time to plan and begin those projects so you can wear them this winter or give them as Christmas gifts.

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