Winter Blast at Heelside Farms

WOW! wool socks, wool long underwear, wool sweaters, wool vests, wool gloves, wool shawls, wool hats, wool hoods, wool capes, wool petticotes, wool …Wool…..WOOL… Has it ever felt so good. As old man winter puts us in his sights we need to thank our beautiful sheep for their contribution to keeping us warm. Everytime we are cold..cold  we need to make more wool items to be prepared for the next arctic blast. It might be next year before we use them but we will be ready.

Our sheep are under the shelter resting until the lambs arrive..any minute by the way. We had it figured for last week but you know how those sheep are…”Let’s keep them guessing” is their motto. So we are still waiting. The lottery is on who as to who will be first to deliver.  Pick one and email me with your choice. If you guess correctly you will get 50% off your next purchase or a free skein of yarn if you are not nearby.

Carolina                                   Iris                                  Pinky                                  Princess

Georgia                                    Smudge                            Barbie                               Maizey

These are the ones who look closest to delivery. We check four times a day and will announce it on the website. Email us at  key word Lamb. Only one entry per person but we will honor all entries. If four people pick the same one they will all get a prize. Good luck.


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