A Silk Sampler Workshop

Handspun silk shawl ....hand dyed and hand knitted















Silk has been called the “Queen of Fibers”. Find out why as you spin silk produced by four different species of moth, in four different forms. This workshop will concentrate on the different methods of spinning top, sliver, mawata,and reeling waste from Bombyx mori, the cultivated silk moth. Then we will move on to spinning Tussah, Muga, and Eri silk, which are prepared from the cocoons of moths that are farmed outdoors in orchards or collected “wild”. Wheels and spindles are both welcome.

We are pleased to sponsor “A Silk Sampler Workshop” by Jane Bynum. Jane will share her extensive experience and love of silk with you. The workshop will be held on July 19, 2014 from 9-3 in our Red Barn Studio. The price for the workshop is $60.00 with a ┬ámaterials fee of $25.00 for a total of $85.00. You may reserve your place with prepayment by July 12th. Please bring your own lunch. You may pay by check or paypal. Email heelsidefarms@hotmail.com for more details.



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