Fiber Delights

Our wool is from our sheep. We offer a variety of yarn sizes from Sock weight to Bulky, Rovings for your spinning pleasure in 100% Wool, Silk-Wool, Wool- Silk-Alpaca- Mohair  blends, Wool-Silk-Angora Blend and Cashmere roving.  Custom Designed Batts, all natural 100% Wool Washable Blankets and Felting Fiber are also available.



basket of goodies

A variety of our yarns


Shipping for roving is $12.50.  All roving is Finn/ Border Leicester Blend unless otherwise noted.

Multi-Colored Wool Silk Blend $5.00 per ounce

All Natural 100% Cashmere $25.00 per ounce

Deep Blue Ice All Wool $5.00 per ounce

Lush Pastel Lambs wool and silk $5.00 per ounce

Finn Lamb's Wool, Silk, Angora Rabbit $ 6.00 per ounce

Luxury Blend Alpaca, Silk, Mohair, Wool $5.00 per ounce

Blue Lime Three Way Wool and Silk $5.00 per ounce

Kandy Korn Wool and silk $5.00 per ounce

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